Cities Skylines Content Creator Pack Skyscrapers (Digital)


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Cities Skylines Content Creator Pack Skyscrapers (Digital)

The only way is up! Touch the sky with the “Skyscrapers” Content Creator pack by Feindbold. Enjoy 24 unique skyscrapers and high rises and their 20 variants inspired by iconic buildings from all over the world.Skyscrapers Content Creator Pack Key Features:North America: Four buildings reaching up to more than 200m, inspired by iconic structures from the late 1900s.Europe: Ten skyscrapers from countries all across the continent, including Germany, France, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, and Poland.Asia: Four buildings based on modern structures from Japan, Singapore, and Taiwan.Australia: Two skyscrapers reaching up to more than 250m inspired by landmark Sydney buildings.Africa: Two buildings higher than 200m based on South African structures from the late 20th century.South America: Two skyscrapers inspired by high-rise buildings in Brazil and Argentina

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