Clandestinity of Elsie (Digital)



Clandestinity of Elsie (Digital)

Clandestinity of Elsie is a Survival/Psychological-Horror game based in the post-WW2 New York State cities of Albany and Troy.You play as Hayden Warrick, a mentally damaged alcoholic and war veteran. Haunted by his past, he must unravel the mystery of his wife Elsies sudden disappearance. You must scavenge, kill, and survive long enough to find her. Mostly taking place in vast darkness, you must continue your objective of finding Haydens wife Elsie while ensuring his own all-important survival.Key featuresIntense combat against otherworldy monsters Uncomfortable atmosphere to keep players on their toes Psychological storyline with mind-bending qualities Various enemies representing Haydens insecurities and fears Mysterious characters with unknown intentions Can play in 1920×1080 resolution Full gamepad controls including vibration Includes Achievements and Steam Cloud

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