Cosmoteer Starship Architect & Commander (Digital)



Cosmoteer Starship Architect & Commander (Digital)

Design awesome starships using intuitive ship creation tools that are easy to learn but hard to master. Fully customize your ships shape and floor plan, choosing where to place individual modules including weapons, engines, hallways, and crews quarters. Your ships design is key to its survival, and every decision you make will impact its performance in battle.Easily share your designs with others through the Steam Workshop, Forums, and Discord.Manage your crewA ships crew is its lifeblood. Numbering from half-a-dozen to a thousand or more individually-simulated people, your crew will pilot your ship, operate its weapons, and carry munitions. How efficiently they operate determines how well your ship will perform in combat. Your crew are autonomous but you can optionally customize their behavior with specific roles and job priorities.Command your ship in Epic battlesCommand your ship or fleet in real-time tactical battles. Combat is physics-driven, explosive, and immensely satisfying. Each module can be individually targeted and destroyed, and whole ships can even break apart into multiple pieces. Target an enemys weapons to eliminate its offensive capability, destroy its shields to lower its defenses, or go for the kill by taking out its reactor.Adventure alone or with friendsBecome the most famous „Cosmoteer” in the universe by battling A.I. ships, taking on contracts for factions, earning loot, and upgrading your own ship while exploring a procedurally-generated galaxy, alone or in online co-op with friends. Then test your ship design and command skills online against other players in multiple PvP battle modes. Or let your imagination fly free in the Creative Mode where you can build whatever you want with unlimited resources.

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