Endling Extinction is Forever (Xbox Series Key)



Endling Extinction is Forever (Xbox Series Key)

Imagine yourself being a fox. Now, imagine yourself being the last mother fox on the planet. How is it going? Hard, we believe. Don’t worry, because with Endling – Extinction is Forever (PC) __GAME_PLATFORM__ key it will be much easier to imagine such things since you will control a fox who wants to help her little foxies to survive in the dangerous and destructive world. Help them, teach them, and save them with care. Do you like to take care of others? If so, then with this game you are right at home. The world of the game is slowly going extinct, thanks to cruel and selfish people. Will you be able not only to survive yourself but to save your children?Endling – Extinction is Forever featuresGet ready for these interesting features that are worth your attention:• Destructive nature of the world. Explore devastated environments and witness what humans’ selfishness can really achieve;• Hunting. In order to survive, you will have to hunt other animals and feed your children. But beware, because one second you can hunt, but another you can be hunted;• Survival. Prepare for emotional decisions that you will have to face. Test your survival skills and maybe you and your family will be alive at the end;• Searching for shelter. You will have to constantly search for new shelters, that will help your family to be safe from natural and unnatural threats;• Caring. Feed your kits and teach them various survival skills;• Cheap Endling – Extinction is Forever (PC) price.What more can you expect?With Endling – Extinction is Forever (PC) __GAME_PLATFORM__ key, you will have to discover the destructive nature of humankind. It slowly destroys, corrupts, pollutes, and exploits all nature. What is really valuable, will eventually be destroyed by them. In this 3D side-scrolling game you will have to defend your family, watch as they grow, and take notes of their unique personalities, and fears, but the most important thing is to help them survive. The game features some stealth elements, so you will have to use the cover of the night to go to a safe place with your kits. During the day cycle, you will be in your shelter, planning your next adventure that will take place during the night. Just remember, that every night can be the last one.

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