Fashion Police Squad (Digital)


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Fashion Police Squad (Digital)

Calling all officers! Ive got a Fashion Crime in Progress and Im mobilizing all Fashion Police Squad members. Grab your Belt of Justice and your Tailormade Sewing Machine, weve got some Fashion Justice to dispense!Fashion Police Squad is a humorous Retro FPS where you fight against fashion crime using attire enhancing weaponry. Clean the streets of socks in sandals as Sergeant Des, and experience a single-player story full of fabulous characters, dazzling encounters, and fierce runway shows!GameplayEach fashion crime has a fashion solution, and youll need to choose between your weapons carefully to fix each fashion faux pas! Each enemy needs something, be it a splash of color or all the seams taken in, so youll need to switch to and use the right weapons for the right situations! Picking the wrong weapon will do nothing to your enemies, so time to choose wisely!Key featuiresPit yourself against all kinds of Fashion Crimes, from saggy pants to neon brightsUtilize a specialized weapons arsenal, including weaponized Sock GnomesJump, climb and swing your way around Trendopolis to uncover its secretsFight against the biggest, baddest bosses in the fashion industrySolve the mystery of the resurgence of Fashion Crime and take out the villains at the top

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