Gra planszowa Mikkeller Beer Geek Bonanza (wersja angielska)


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Gra planszowa Mikkeller Beer Geek Bonanza (wersja angielska)

Own your favourite Mikkeller bar! Brew beer! Experience personal ruin! Get the cutest beer-meeples!Beer Geek Bonanza gives you the opportunity to build your own beer empire… Or something like it. Drawing inspiration from Monopoly and Risk, the game is all about you competing with your friends to own breweries, bars and other venues from the wonderful world of craft beer.At the start you draw your role card, where you can either be a home brewer, beer geek, running club captain or Warpigs fan, each of which has their own beer-related missions that can give you a cunning shortcut to victory.Beer Geek Bonanza is also filled with fun cards and special fields that relate to Mikkellers universe. You get to turn the bottle around, flip beer bricks, get your properties sabotaged… And if youre unlucky, you might get Rick Rolld.So if you love special beers yourself or know someone who likes IPAs and sour beers, this is the perfect game to throw on the table during a wet night.

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