Horror Tycoon (Digital)



Horror Tycoon (Digital)

Scare, terrify and thrill guests as you build the haunted attraction of your nightmares. Build and design elaborate attractions with incredible detail to scare your guests enough to leave before they can reach the exit, or risk losing fear reputation and cash.BuildBuild walls, doorways, trap doors, fake walls and more to guide your guests through the haunted attraction mazeBuild pre-built hallways and rooms if you are feeling rushed to build or want to experiment with different themes.CustomizeDecorate your haunted attraction with lighting effects, ghostly paintings, spooky props and more.Pick the colors to best scare your guestsScarePlace scare traps along the way from ghosts to aliens and everything in between.Purchase new attractions with fear reputation, but be careful the more of the same attractions you have and the closer they are to each other may result in a negative affect to your guests and not be as scary.Be SinisterThe further you progress the more you will need to work to scare your guests. Sinister traps are truly the stuff of nightmares as you have the ability to make guests disappear from the living and join the dead.Don’t get caught or else your career will be over. Be sure to hire the best security and lawyers you can afford to keep investigations away from your haunted attraction.Once you have earned enough scare reputation you will be able to progress and move to a new location and face unique challenges in a different part of town.Be PreparedEnsure your attraction is ready for the next wave of guests and then prepare to see if your planning pays off. Watch the profits roll in and see your fear reputation increase with every wave of visitors.See how much more your guests will be able to withstand by monitoring the glowsticks they wear around their necks.

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