Painkiller Complete Collection (Digital)



Painkiller Complete Collection (Digital)

The Painkiller package transports you to purgatory. You are heavens hitman, the weapon in the hands of God, the divine fury. Grab your guns and mow down hordes of demons in this lightning fast shooter series.Painkiller Black Edition – Includes the expansion pack Battle Out of Hell, featuring 10 additional single-player levels and many new villans.Painkiller: Overdose -The critically-acclaimed and award-winning FPS franchise is back! Packed with tons of fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled single player and multiplayer action, Painkiller Overdose brings with it 6 innovative new demonic weapons, mind-bending physics, lightning-player maps, over 40 demented and sickly-twisted monsters from Hell and gigantic end bosses that will blow your mind!Painkiller: Resurrection – William Wild Bill Sherman, an ex CIA Agent and specialist for dangerous missions in the Black Ops Special Unit has a big problem: during his last job, he has managed to not only kill the head of an illegal drug operation and a slew of innocent civilians, but himself in a fatal mistake. Trapped in a hostile place between heaven and hell, his soul flickers between the millions of faceless infidels and good and evil forces start to use Wild Bill for their own needs. But, it turns out that nothing is as it seemed at the beginning… solve the mystery and give the equilibrium between heaven and hell a little flip!Painkiller Redemption – Welcome to a world of pain. Heaven is once again in danger and threatened by a reckless army of hell spawn monsters – and they will stop at nothing. This time, only two heroes can save heaven from total destruction: Daniel and Belial, two champions from previous Painkiller stories, have to team up and put an end to the conflict in the old epic struggle between heaven and hell.Painkiller: Recurring Evil – Battle never ceases in the realm known as Hell. This time around its a battle for the freedom of your very soul. Will you be able to escape from the prison hidden in the darkest deepest chasm of Hell? Do you have enough courage to travel through the most dangerous and twisted areas, infamous for their unsafety, even among demons themselves? Are you prepared to significantly reduce the demonic population?Painkiller: Hell and Damnation – Heavens Hitman is Back… With a Vengeance Evil has returned! Demonic powers are manifesting themselves as a myriad of dark creatures, fighting over the fates of imprisoned souls caught in Purgatory. Once again, it is up to Daniel Garner, in the unenviable position of being the Curse of Darkness and the Toy of Light, to fight his way past hordes of demons and fiends.Key featuresPainkiller: Complete Pack includes:Painkiller: Black Edition Painkiller: Hell & Damnation Collectors EditionPainkiller: Overdose Painkiller: Recurring EvilPainkiller: Redemption Painkiller: Resurection

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