Planet Coaster Complete The Collection (Digital)


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Planet Coaster Complete The Collection (Digital)

Surprise and delight crowds as you build the coaster park of your dreams and manage a truly living world with unparalleled attention to detail.Whatever your skill level, bring your ideas to life. Take advantage of Blueprints to quickly place over 700 pre-made objects, including coasters, facilities and scenery; build from the ground up with detailed piece-by-piece construction; or transform the ground itself with terrain-altering tools.Running your park is just as easy. Guests react in realtime as you set prices, place scenery, and install exciting new attractions. Keep them entertained so attendance figures – and profits – skyrocket. Looking for inspiration? Discover the Frontier Workshop and harness the world’s best designs in your expanding empire. Download coasters, scenery, buildings, and entire parks, or grow a following by uploading your own creations. From stunning firework displays to sprawling cruise ships, there’s no limit to the creativity.Your park, your way:Take on a deep, rewarding career mode, tackle challenging scenarios, or construct your dream coaster park in an unrestricted sandbox.Hundreds of pre-built Blueprints allow players of all skill levels to quickly create thriving parks. Jump in and make what you want, when you want.Unleash your creativity:Sculpt landscapes, customise scenery, and flex your creative muscles with piece-by-piece construction. Craft your perfect coaster park with ease.Visit the Frontier Workshop and download an unending source of incredible creations, or share your own designs with the world.Key featuresPlanet Coaster is created by the developers who brought the world the legendary RollerCoaster Tycoon 3. Planet Coaster gameplay is sure to satisfy every fan of micro- and macro-managing and boundless creativity.Planet Coaster featuresEndless possibilities – imagine a perfect theme park and then make it happen using extensive and intuitive toolkit. Creation at your fingertips in mere minutes!Friendly presentation – Planet Coaster guests are presented in a friendly, cartoonish way and are very expressive despite speaking gibberish. See their thoughts and learn what they think of your parkTerraforming at its finest – the features of your park arent the only thing you control. Reshape the land youre given with a few clicks. The land is your playground as wellSteam Workshop integration – when you run out of good and bad ideas, you can get new blueprints uploaded to Steam Workshop by other users and use them in your game without any problem

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