Resident Evil Triple Pack (Digital)



Resident Evil Triple Pack (Digital)

Enjoy three of the most memorable and defining survival horror titles in all of gaming!Resident Evil Triple Pack includes:• Resident Evil 4;• Resident Evil 5;• Resident Evil 6.Resident Evil 4Play as agent Leon S. Kennedy, a man trusted with a mission of rescuing the US President’s daughter that has been kidnapped! In this Ultimate HD edition of Resident Evil 4, the developers from Capcom unleash the full power of HD graphics, with improved improved lightning effects and real-time cutscenes. Take a break from the usual zombie foes of the series and face new enemies, horribly disfigured by a new threat that has been given the name of Las Plagas. Face off against terrifying enemies in your bid to find out who abducted the President’s daughter.Resident Evil 5Resident Evil 5 is another installment of the beloved horror series that follows up on the destruction of the Umbrella Corporation. However, it seems like an even more dangerous threat has risen! There is proof of a biological weapon that has been turning people of Africa into aggressive monsters. You are joined by another agent in a bid to uncover this terrible mystery!Resident Evil 6Resident Evil 6 is a co-op action FPS game developed by Capcom. It’s a dramatic and thrilling horror story to experience. Partake in four distinct, but intertwined story narratives, each with selected protagonists for either solo, or co-op modes and partner up at the key in-game moments to share the explicit horror! Sharing is caring!

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