Sherlock Holmes Chapter One (Digital)



Sherlock Holmes Chapter One (Digital)

Sherlock Holmes is an absolutely iconic detective. Frogwares studio, which for many years has been developing a game franchise under the name of Sherlock Holmes, knows about it. Sherlock Holmes: Chapter One is the tenth installment of the series, which – its safe to say – is one of the most famous series, boldly combining adventure games with elements borrowed from other genres. This time we go all the way back to the beginning of the story when a young Sherlock Holmes is just starting with his dazzling career and returns to his familys Mediterranean island to visit his mothers grave.StorySherlock left the island 10 years ago, precisely because of the death of a parent. The island only seems to be a peaceful, secluded place – in fact, under the guise of apparent joy, many of the inhabitants are experiencing personal tragedies, in which we will have the opportunity to participate. With time, it will turn out that the island hides much darker secrets and a serious, big intrigue, the unraveling of which will fall on the shoulders of the young detective. Whats more, Sherlock Holmes at the beginning of his career cannot, after all, enlist the help of his equally famous friend, Dr. Watson. However, on the family island, we can count on the support of Jonathan, Sherlocks true friend. Just who is he really?Sherlock Holmes 2021 GameplaySherlock Holmes Chapter One is a story rich, a detective video game with a well-designed open world. We can move around it quite freely and we decide when and where we will go to collect clues, helping us in the investigation. Often well get the information we need by skilfully interrogating the locals, but just as often well have to solve logical puzzles. Sherlocks deductive powers will prove very useful, allowing us to make logical inferences based on the facts we have. And when all else fails – well, remember we can always use good old violence, including guns for Sherlock to use at certain times. Whether thats how well want to solve things, or whether well prefer to rely on cunning and guile – thats up to the player.Remember – there are two sides to every medal! The discovery of the truth in the Sherlock Holmes game does not always have to lead to its disclosure – sometimes certain things should never see the light of day. Every decision you make will affect the future of the worlds most famous detective – and none of them are all good or all bad.And what would YOU do if you knew the truth? See for yourself!Key featuresSherlock Holmes franchise – tenth game!An open world in which you will lead the fate of the most famous detective.A great combination of an adventure game and an action gameA non-linear story in which the players decisions are of key importancePremiere at the end of 2021

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