Spy Fox in „Dry Cereal” (Digital)



Spy Fox in „Dry Cereal” (Digital)

Will kids be forced to endure a fate worse than eating dry cereal!? The Plot: William the Kid has nearly completed his dastardly plan to cow-nap all the worlds supply of milk! The Mission: The super-suave agent, SPY Fox, must find Mr. Udderly, rescue all the cows, and stop William the Kid from depleting the worlds supply of milk. Using ingenious SPY gadgets, keen wits, and daring moves, SPY Fox, jumps out on an udderly exhilarating adventure!Innovative new tools like Talk Balloons allow kids to investigate in a whole new wayUse top secret SPY gadgets to solve puzzles that test logicEarn clues with fun games and activitiesClues change every time you play, and the game just might end differentlySPY Fox in Dry Cereal challenges and inspires kids to observe details and solve problems in creative and flexible ways. Kids play with faithful, lovable friends as they discover and explore captivating worlds where they direct the journey at their own pace. This product uses ScummVM across Windows, Mac and Linux which is released under the GNU GPL v2. For more information, please visit – http: www.scummvm.org The GNU GPL can be viewed here – https: www.gnu.org licenses gpl-2.0.html

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