Tales Of Glory (Digital)



Tales Of Glory (Digital)

Don your VR helm, choose your weapons, and command your troops to victory while you immerse yourself in the fury and excitement of this medieval battle simulator.Will you be defeated? Or with the blood of your enemies, will you write your own Tales of Glory?A NEW STANDARD FOR MEDIEVAL MELEE FIGHTSTales Of Glory is setting a new standard for medieval melee fights, bringing best of both worlds by combining large scale battles and full physics one vs many combat, everything packed into a 30+ hours sandbox campaignIMMERSION AND ENDLESS POSSIBILITIESParticipate in huge battles on 40 beautifully created battlefields. Raid the coast, defend you castle, infiltrate places, attack convoys and defeat your enemies, again and again.The games randomization system allows you to get a different fight every time you start the level and realistic physics + ragdolling ensure an overwhelming fighting experience.Choose between more than 40 weapons (swords, daggers, polearms, maces, flail, bows) or use your very own fists.Saddle your horse, crush enemy lines by powerful cavalry attacks and look down on your opponents as your axe seperates their heads from the bodies.WAR OF THE FIVE CAMPAIGNCreate your own story as you fight your way against the 5 kingdoms to avenge the slaughter of your family.Recruit your army, gain skills, manage your realm, manipulate lords & kings through diplomacy, lay waste to your enemies strongholds & villages, participate in tournaments & missions to gain fame, visit the local shops to buy new gear.SO TRIUMPH NOW AND THE BARDS MAY SING THEM THROUGHOUT THE KINGDOM: YOUR TALES OF GLORY!

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