The Botanist (Digital)



The Botanist (Digital)

The Botanist is an optimistic game about growing plants and becoming independent, where every word in the world is a seed that grows a unique plant.You are let go from your job, with very little compensation and even less in the bank. You choose to see this as an opportunity. To finally take the time to try and reach your dream of becoming a botanist. Work hard and believe in yourself, and you can achieve your goals.Complete customer requests and build your reputation, to try to become a professional Botanist.Curate a seed catalogue all of your own, where every word will grow a unique plant.Choose words that mean something to you. Your loved ones, pets, or favourite places.Collect varied pots and vases to create displays that suit you and your clients.Commemorate your favourite arrangements with your camera, and cherish the memories forever.Chill out to an original soundtrack by Robert Paul Allen

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