Tom Clancy’S Ghost Recon Future Soldier Digital Deluxe Edition (Digital)



Tom ClancyS Ghost Recon Future Soldier Digital Deluxe Edition (Digital)

Tom Clancy’s Ghost Reckon: Future Soldier (Deluxe Edition) features numerous additions to extend your Ghost Reckon experience tenfold! Enjoy some awesome new weaponry, custom skins, exclusive maps, and more!Tom Clancy’s Ghost Reckon: Future Soldier (Deluxe Edition) includes:• 4 unprecedented weapons: MK 14 Rifle for Ghost Rifleman, AK-47 for Bodark Rifleman, M40 A5 Sniper Rifle for Ghost Scout, and MN 91/30 Sniper Rifle for Bodark Scout.• 48 Custom Headgear Skins• 2 Custom Weapon Skins: Tiger Stripe Camo and Winter Digital Camo• 2 Exclusive Maps: Moscow Suburbs, Drilling Ship• ‘Two for One’ Feature: Additional Choice at a decision pointThe field of battle is limited to winners and losers, there is nothing in between. In Tom Clancy’ Ghost Recon: Future Soldier you aim to use futuristic technology to your advantage to be on the winner side of the battle.Ubisoft has come out with plenty of content and game modes for everyone to enjoy, including Single-Player Campaign, a Co-Op Campaign, allowing for much more advanced tactics to be fulfilled in the same story, a Guerrilla mode with incredibly intense combat, and the Multiplayer mode for everyone who loves to compete with other players!

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