Tower of Ardia (Digital)



Tower of Ardia (Digital)

Relia challenges the dungeon tower of Ardia in hopes of finding a cure for her sisters weakened body. However, the tower is cursed with the witch Ardias powers, and it will be no simple feat for Relia to conquer the spire and attain the wish-granting magic to save her sister.StoryLong ago lived a witch known as Ardia. With the powers of Azure and Crimson, she could achieve any feat and grant any wish. But in time, Ardia passed away and her power was locked in a tower. However, death did nothing to diminish Ardias legend, and soon adventurers appeared to claim her power. Many tried to conquer the tower, but none succeeded.Over the years, a town bearing Ardias name grew around the spire, and a guild emerged to ensure that those challenging the tower were qualified.Now, a woman has appeared in Ardia to take up the challenge, seeking to save her sister. What secrets await the sisters? Can Relia stave off the strange force of the tower long enough to save her sister?GameplayClimb the strange and varied Tower of Ardia one floor at a time while staving off its corrupting force. Traditional JRPG gameplay with branching endings awaits!CharactersRelia – A swordswoman with a talent for magic. She has long been her sisters only protector. Spirited and determined, shell do anything to ensure that she and her sister are together forever. Rutie – Relias sister. She has always had a strong talent for magic. However, the magic within her weakens her body by the day. Her only hope now is Ardias miraculous, wish-granting magic. Can she hold out long enough for her sister to find a cure?

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