Winning Moves Top Trumps Gen Z – Guide to Trainers (wersja angielska)


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Winning Moves Top Trumps Gen Z – Guide to Trainers (wersja angielska)

By the time Tupac Shakur name-dropped Chucks in his 1995 track California Love, the cult following surrounding trainers was in full swing. A trend that started as far back as the 1980s, trainers quickly transformed from sport shoes to everyday accessories or – more fittingly – fashion statements. Now trainers are a global phenomenon that connects sneakerheads all around the world in a growing community, which is why weve put together this new Top Trumps #trending Guide to Trainers. Featuring 30 of the most daring and innovative designs from every era of sneakers, you can find your old favourites and discover some new must-haves as well. With categories including Year, Cult Status, Popularity and Range, its time to decide once and for all which is the Top Trump. Will it be the Yeezy collab with Adidas, Nikes Airforce 1, or the Converse All Star? You can practically smell that new-shoe smell from here, cant you?

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