Blacktail is a first-person action video game developed by The Parasight and released by Focus Entertainment in 2023. The action of this independent title takes place in the unique Slavic fantasy aesthetics, referring to various legends and myths. And thanks to the extensive decision-making system and survival features, the whole adventure guarantees incredible immersion until the last second of the gameplay.StoryWelcome to Middle Ages. It is the beginning of your story that doesnt start very well. As sixteen-year-old Yaga, you are accused of witchcraft and banished from the medieval village. However, you find shelter in the woods and can now decide about your future. Will you become an integral part of the forest world? Or choose the path of evil and rise as the greatest threat of your time?GameplayBlacktail game is over fifteen hours of exciting adventure with RPG elements, perfect for fans of mysteries and survival titles. You find yourself in a massive forest full of dangers and secrets. It is a strange place inhabited by various creatures, like talking mushrooms, shadow cats, or ghostly beings taken straight from Slavic folklore. Your mission is to explore wooded areas and discover the secret of your destiny. Deprived of memory, you must track down living echoes to grasp the meaning of your existence.Complete quests, meet the forest inhabitants and discover new chapters of an intriguing story. But be careful, the woods are full of threats, and the best way to overcome them is to fight and constantly develop your character. An extensive crafting system will help you create arrows for your bow and valuable elixirs to guarantee your survival. But there is more, as the entire gameplay focuses primarily on making decisions. Every action you take affects your overall morality score and determines your fate. Decide who you become and how your forgotten secrets will shock you.Key features:Play a fairy-tale action video game set in Slavic mythologyGuide Yagas actions and discover pieces of her pastCraft items and use magicMeet the inhabitants of the forest and complete questsMake choices to watch your unique story ending

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