Creeper World 4 (Digital)



Creeper World 4 (Digital)

Creeper World 4 continues the iconic and well received Creeper World RTS franchise, expanding into a new dimension of strategic possibilities and threats. The galaxy once again finds itself culled and utterly in ruins. Guide a scientist and cohorts through the ultimate test of survival and restore hope to the galaxy… one world at a time.GameplayPlay small maps casually, while pausing and issuing orders. Alternately, play massive maps in real-time with full save support. The choice is yours. Play the story missions, the community crafted missions, or use the built in mission generator for infinite possibilities. Use the map editor to make your own maps for fun and sharing. Create custom units, or even custom game play modes, and share those as well.Key Features3D Terrain with numerous strategic options.Enhanced graphicsPhysics-based flowing Creeper enemy with wave mechanics.Land, Air, and Orbital weapons.Custom unit support with scripting.Online map database.Story/Campaign missions.

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