Escape Simulator Steampunk (Digital)



Escape Simulator Steampunk (Digital)

Solve four new rooms on the beautiful steampunk airship „Valor.” Explosion wakes you up on the lower decks. Can you fix the ship and escape before its too late?The Crew QuartersYou start this adventure in your quarters, located at the far end of the airship. Unfortunately, the main room doors are stuck, but maybe you can find your way out elsewhere.The Engine RoomYour only way to the top of the airship is on fire! Put out the fire, fix the old steam machine, and continue your escape.The GreenhouseFinally, you see the daylight! The greenhouse is located on the ships upper deck, and its mysterious but quite beautiful.The Helm RoomThe last stop and your only way to save the ship, the helm room! Can you solve it and finally regain control of the ship?Frequently Asked Questions:Can I play solo and with my friends? Yes, you can play solo or in an online co-op (with friends who own the DLC). The DLC plays best with 2-4 players, but its playable with more!How big is this DLC? The rooms on the airship are much bigger than the rooms in the base game. Therefore, it will take around 3 hours to solve all of them!Why paid DLC? We are working hard on the game, and since the release (8 months ago), weve released seven free rooms and numerous updates and fixes. This paid DLC will help us continue to do that in the future.Currently, we have two free levels in production, and well release „Room Editor 2.0 Update” next month!

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